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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Freestyle Dining At Norwegian Sky Cruise Line

Last October, we took a 4 day-cruise to Bahamas thru Norwegian Cruise Line. We had fun times on board and inland when we explore the Freeport as well as Nassau. Norwegian Sky takes pride in offering their guest the Freestyle Cruising where the freedom on what to do and on what to see will depend on the choices of the guests. I enjoyed the Freestyle Dining the most because I can eat where and when I want.For breakfast, we love to dine in early in the Garden Cafe' and Great Outdoor which is a buffet style dining. Most of the servers are Asian and majority is Filipino. If you like a fine dining, you can go to the Crossings and the Palace Main Dining Room. You don't need to give your servers any tip because all guests are required to pay it per day. Hubby and I still give tips to the servers especially when they did a good job.  They don't require formal attire in the fine dining areas but, when we have dinners, most of us wore formal dresses. During breakfast and lunch, we wore casuals. Both Crossings and Palace Main Dining Rooms have cozy and elegant ambiance especially when dinners are served. You are paying for it so; you might as well enjoy the fine dining experience. The picture above is the poolside area on the 11th deck. The stairs will lead down to the Great Outdoor and Garden Cafe'. We just love it here for breakfast and we love to occupy the seats nearby the full glass window. It's just awesome to see the calm seas while having breakfast.I like the free style dining because I can sit to any table and in any dining area that I want in any time. In the other cruise lines, you have no freedom like that. You are stuck to the selected time and you are stuck to the same people who join with you on the table.Anyway, the food in Norwegian Sky is really delicious. Oh, that's the breakfast of my hubby just a pancake with butter and coffee with cream. One more thing, in Freestyle dining, you have the freedom to have your food delivered in your room free of charge. How nice and convenient is that right?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rachel Ray vs Guy Fieri

I was watching the Food Network Channel and was happy to see my favorite star of the movie La Bamba, Lou Diamond Phillips as the celebrity guest for the show: Rachel vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off. I was even amazed to know that his group is under the Team Rachel Ray. Lou Diamond Phillips group: Aaron Carter, Summer Sanders and Taylor Dane and they won.On the other hand, Guy Fieri's team: Coolio, Cheech Marin, Alyssa Campanella, and Joey Fatone got the second place and their charity will receive $10,000.

Of course, the charity of the group of Lou Diamond Phillips recieves the amount of $50,000. They chose "Share our Strength", a not-for-profit organizations, mobilizing individuals and industries to fight hunger. This show is very inspiring.

Ocean Springs Mardi Gras Parade

This year, hubby and I will be going to Mississippi for the Mardi Gras. It will be scheduled on the third week of February. We love watching the Mardi Gras parade and we enjoyed catching the beads. I have collected a few nice one but, most beads that I got were all sent to my friends in the Philippines.These pictures were taken in 2010 because last year I was in the Philippines having a vacation so, we missed this event.We usually see all the parades in Ocean Springs, Biloxi and Diberville but, the latter is what I enjoyed the most. They have so many beautiful floats and of course, thousands of beads to throw to the crowd. These photos were taken from the Mardi Gras parade in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Here's showing you the relatives and friends of Hubby caught in the act of catching some beads. Mardi Gras parade is a memorable and interesting event because of three F's: Fun, Food and Family. Now, I miss the buffet in Hard Rock, Isle and Beau. Oh, you should visit the South and watch any Mardi Gras parades and I am sure you will enjoy it. If you love the crowd and party, go to New Orleans and watch the Mardi Gras at the French Quarter.

Great Job

Contribution by Kennith Griffin:

I feel so lucky that I love my job. Most of my friends have had a tough time finding something that they really like. I don’t think that I am more talented or a harder worker than them. I just think I got lucky and found the right place for me sooner than most people do. I’ve been given a raise every year I’ve worked there, and I’m about to be promoted to a management position. I socialize a lot with the people I work with too, which is good because it gives me a different perspective than hanging out with my friends does. Some of them are older and have meaningful and helpful advice to give me. One of my coworkers is a great bargain hunter, and she has given me some really great tips. She told me I should use Direct Star TV for my TV service and I saved a bunch. She also gives me coupons she finds along the way. My younger friends would never be able to help me like that! I’m just happy I work at a place where I fit in and am part of the family.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Insanity Deals That Can Make You Insane

This is a Haurex watch which is made in Italy. The original price of this wrist watch is $475 but, at, it is only $59, an 88% off. Amazing? When you visit the Website, you will be blown away with the good deals that they have. There is no truth about the nomorerack scam according to my friends because they are also customers of the site. The products arrived safely and so far, their transactions arrived on time. I also check some of the nomorerack reviews and there are more positive reviews given about the online store. Anyway if you are curious, you can check out the Website.

All I know is that, the products listed on their Website has jaw-dropping prices! You can click their insanity deals and you will go insane shopping. Imagine a Louis Vuitton GM Handbag for only $18.10 from the original price of $460.

They have thousands of affordable and amazing deals plus, they charged a $2 shipping cost per item. If that is not a great deal then, I do not know what is. Visit the links above so; you will know what other people have to say. Check it out now and browse the amazing deals at nomorerack site.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Excellent Credit History

Here in the US, credit history is very important. It is hard for an individual to apply for a mortgage loan once he or she got a bad score. The higher the score, it proves your good rating in "credit worthiness". The willingness to repay a debt is indicated by how timely past payments have been made to other lenders. All lenders like to see a consumer debt obligations paid on a monthly basis.

If you have a 750 score and above, your standing to get approve by a lending institution is more likely. You have all the advantage to get a low interest in your loan application. Lending institutions will trust you if they see your high score. If you have a good credit history, you should maintain it because if it goes down, it will affect your future loan application.

If you have a negative credit rating, it is often considered as undesirable to lenders as well as other extenders of credit for the purpose of loaning money or capital.

Therefore, you should pay your bills in a timely manner because; it is always nice to have a higher score. You should aim to get that excellent credit score so that your mortgage loan application will be approve right on.

I "Can" Live a Day Without Coffee

Honestly? I seldom drink coffee but when I did, I can only drink two cups and that will not last for many days. Yep! I can live a day without coffee. When I have PMS, I will have a headache when I drink coffee. I did not bother to know the reason why. Anyway, when I am in the mood for coffee, I like the taste of McCafe and Cafe' du Monde. I noticed that I like strong coffee also. I love the Starbucks coffee too.My husband can't live a day without coffee and he loves orange juice too. But, not me. I can live with just water and full breakfast. Okay, I am in the mood for coffee now. LOL

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Panera Bread Restaurant in Orlando Area

Hubby and I went to Panera Bread yesterday and I ordered Mediterranean Veggie with Zesty Peppadew, piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro Jalapeño hummus on Tomato Basil bread.If you are curious, I snag this picture from google image so you will have a glimpse of the building of Panera Bread Restaurant. Our favorite locations are along Florida Mall and Mall of Millenia.
I am not a fan of Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. If you are a vegetarian, I know that this sandwich will become your favorite. This is Vegetarian Creamy Tomato which is vine-ripened pear tomatoes pureed with fresh cream for a velvety smooth flavor. It is accentuated by hints of red pepper & oregano, topped with Asiago croutons. My husband finished the soup and he loves it. I am not a fan of this soup either. I like the Broccoli Cheddar soup and Sonoma Chicken Stew.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Prescription Savings From Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I went to Walgreens today to buy the good deals that I saw on their weekly ad. I saw my friend in the Pharmacy talking to the Pharmacist and she was a bit sad. I found out later that she was asking some information about her Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.

There was a dispute between Walgreens and Express Script and my friend was among those patients who were affected. She told me that she will have to find another pharmacy that will accept her prescriptions at reasonable price. She lives near Walgreens and she was a happy customer for four years now. Walgreens wanted to offer more savings for their customers who are under Express Script program but all proposals were rejected. She's not happy about it but, she had to conform with the program.

It is time to move forward so; Walgreens offer a special discount on annual membership for it's Prescription Savings Club members. It covers everyone in the family including the pets for $10 a year. Visit your nearest Walgreens today and join the club plus, you will receive discounted prices on your prescriptions. To get the latest updates from Walgreens, follow Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook now.

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Publix: Our Favorite Neighborhood Grocery Store

This is one of the establishments that we go to when we need fresh rolls and the only place which I can buy my favorite Coconut Pie or Buko Pie. Their prices are a bit higher compared to other big establishments but, we find some good deals too especially when we use their coupons and manufacturer's coupon.
We do not like crowded groceries and Publix is the right establishment to pick up few things.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Datu Puti: Pinoy Kurat

I went to a Filipino Store and found this, Datu Puti: Pinoy Kurat. I heard from other Pinoy here that this vinegar is really good and sure enough, Pinoy Kurat is now my favorite. I used this vinegar as a dip for adobo, magga'ng hilaw and more. Another Filipino product, from Julie's: Love Letters coconut flavoured egg rolls. This is good for snacking. Kids will surely like it.Of course, my all time favorite cracker nuts. My first Nagaraya in four years. There are cracker nuts here but, not as tasty and delicious as Nagaraya brand.Now, the only cravings that's hard to find is the LECHON. How I wish I can find it here in Orlando.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Recall for Novartis Products: Excedrin

I saw on the news just seconds ago about the new Consumer Product Updates. I was concerned because there are impacted products that I have in my medicine cabinet. Novartis Consumer Health or NCH is voluntarily recalling lots of select bottle sizes of Excedrin and NoDoz products with expiry dates of December 20, 2014 or earlier. The recall also includes Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention products with expiry dates of December 20, 2013 or earlier, in the United States. This recall has been done for precautionary measure. These products may contain stray tablets, capsules, or caplets from other Novartis products. It may contain broken or chipped tablets. If you have these products in your medficine cabinet, you are advise to discontinue the use and return them to Novartis Consumer Health for a full refund.

If you have questions, you can call Novartis Consumer Relationship Center Phone: 1-888-477-2403 which is available on Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. You can also check out the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at for more details. Here are some of the EXCEDRIN PRODUCTS which are included in the recall, expiry dates of December 20, 2014 or earlier:

Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets

Excedrin Extra Strength Express Gel Caplets

Excedrin Extra Strength Gel Caplets

Excedrin Extra Strength Tablets

Excedrin Back & Body Caplets

Excedrin Sinus Headache Caplets

Excedrin Migraine Caplets

Excedrin Migraine Gel Tablets

Excedrin Migraine Tablets

Excedrin Menstrual Complete Express Gel Caplets

Excedrin PM Caplets

Excedrin PM Express Gel Caplets

Excedrin PM Tablets

Excedrin Tension Headache Caplets

Excedrin Tension Headache Express Gel Caplets

Excedrin Tension Headache Gel Tablets

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panera Bread

Before the New Year, Hubby and I went to the Mellenia Mall here in Orlando to exchange the jewelry that he bought for me. I wanted a cross necklace but in gold chain. The sales-person at ZALES is a Filipino (mom came from Cebu and dad from Zamboanga) but, he was born here in US. They have no stock for the gold cross but then, he showed me the earring/necklace set. Even though it was a bit pricey, it was a good deal so, we bought it. On the way out, Panera Bread is just right at the corner so, we dine in.I ordered the all-natural Sonoma Chicken Stew with Dry Jack Cheese Biscuit. Honestly, I love the chicken stew but, not the biscuit. The creamy chicken stew has Parisian carrots, peas, leeks and diced red potatoes simmered with sweet cream and thyme. It is my favorite aside from Broccoli Cheddar. In another time, I ordered the Smoked Ham & Swiss which is a 96% fat-free smoked ham and swiss with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions with salt and pepper. It is pretty good.
As you can see in this Sonoma Soup, it comes with panini but, on this order, I had a burned Panini. I did not bother to complain because I was hungry and I do not want to deal about it. I think I will not order this panini anymore. I rather order the Tuna Salad Cafe Sandwich.
This location of Panera Bread is in Florida Mall.
If you can visit a Panera Bread in your area, try the Sonoma Soup with Smoked Ham and Swiss Cafe Sandwich.
Here in Orlando, visit 4200 Conroy Rd Orlando, Florida 32839 with tel number (407) 363-3555. You can also visit #1117 Florida Mall Avenue Orlando, FL 32809 (407) 856-6706. Enjoy your meals.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fine Dining at Red Lobster

Sea foods. When I crave for one, Red Lobster is the answer. Here is the tender and juicy Garlic Shrimp Scampi which is oven-broiled in garlic butter sauce.
This platter has Farm-Raised Catfish in golden-fried, shrimp scampi and delicious scallops with wild rice pillaf.
the Bahama Mama which is a specialty drink...Fresh, crisp romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing
...more favorite scallops...

Remember, stay healthy for 2012. Have a blessed new year everyone.

Red Lobster at Merrit Island

The address 215 E Merritt Island Causeway, Merritt Island, FL is about 50 minutes from Orlando but, when we are in Cocoa area, the Red Lobster in this location is our favorite place to visit.‎ The location is along the highway and easy to navigate in every direction that we want.The location is very convenient and the servers are good in what they do. The picture above is a specialty drink called Bahama Mama which is a frozen blend of tropical fruit flavors and mixed with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, topped with a splash of Myers’s dark rum, simply my favorite. Anyway, the manager is polite and the place is clean. Our last visit was a bit chaotic due the fact that our table was located near a family with 4 children who were a little bit unruly. But, as soon as they left the restaurant, the busser tidy the area. The famous cheese biscuits of Red Lobster....Live lobster which you can order fresh...The building in itself...We found this location when we are searching for Olive Garden. At that time, the latter was full with guests and since we are famished, we tried Red Lobster and we found a table for two. Both are my favorites.


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