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Monday, September 30, 2013

I Give in to my Cravings: Pinoy Snacks

The thought of snacking "biko" was on my mind for the whole week and I can't last another day without giving in to my cravings so; when I checked my pantry today, I was in great joy that I have all the ingredients. If you are curious how to make #biko , check it out in YouTube.

Do you love my apple mug? Very cute huh? This is one of the many fall collectibles of Better Homes products. I bought three mugs and they are all cute as a pumpkin (*v*)

My day is complete after I ate my Pinoy snacks, the biko and the sweet mango. My smoothie is not at all Pinoy hehehe. It is blueberry and banana smoothie which is very yummy and healthy. Want some? Thanks for stopping by always. I will see you around.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Achieve a Comfortable Sleep with Mattress Latex

Today, I woke up with a sore body. I was sleeping in the guest room because I had to finish some important paper works that I needed for my citizenship. I sleep late so; just this morning, my whole body is aching. I need a new bed that provides maximum support and pressure relief. I also want a hypoallergenic mattress that regulates temperature to achieve that comfortable sleep and mattress latex will do just that.
I am so happy that mattress latex has all that features. It will alleviate my body aches once hubby will buy me this mattress. I am crossing fingers that he will. If you are browsing the web for mattresses, check out this mattress latex first. It might be the one you are looking for.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sargento Influenster Box

I got this cute box from #Influenster from their #ChooseSargentoCheese program. Just yesterday, I went to the nearest grocery store in our place and got this pack of Sharp Cheddar-Jack, a #Sargento product. The box has a coupon for a free 5 oz. and larger Sargento cheese snack worth $4.99, another coupon with $1 off of Sargento and this cute Single Cheese Bag. I love ... love ... love this box and the tiny cheese cooler bag, super cute! How does the Sharp Cheddar-Jack tastes? Check out on my next post ... :-) Thanks for stopping by.

I received these products
for testing purposes from Influenster.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Chinese Buffet in Merritt Island

Last Friday, I wanted to eat seafood's so; I treat my husband to New Century Buffet in Merritt Island for Dinner. This Chinese Restaurant is the best place to go if we are craving for different kinds of seafood. They have large size shrimps, clams, fish, crabs and more ... cooked fried, butter field, coconut shrimp, steamed, grilled, and so much more. They also have raw oysters aside from salads, desserts, pizzas, rolls, soups, sushi, and many more.

We came here three times already and it's always at dinner time. Their food is tasty, the place is clean and their employees are friendly. When they have seafood feast, we paid $27 and when they have no crabs, we only paid $22. I am not sure how much is the rate of their dinner. Next time, I will take more photos and will take a snap shot of their rates for brunch and dinner.
Here is the address:

New Century Buffet

735 N Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL ‎

(321) 453-1117 ‎

I love their shrimps and crabs. Their desserts are not that many.

This is what it looks like, the New Century Buffet in Merritt Island. Check it out! I never tried their lunch yet, maybe we will go there one of these days.

PIzza Hut Order

There are days that hubby and I loves to eat pizza so; to give in to that craving, we bought the $10 Dinner Box Pizza from Pizza Hut. I am not a big fan of pizza but, on this box, the Cinnamon Sticks are my favorite. I can't use the icing though, this is too sweet already.

With the pizza, I can eat two pieces and I am not a fan of their breadsticks either.

Anyway, what's your favorite order in pizza hut?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Morning Breakfast at the BeauRivage

I remember this yummy goodness breakfast. After working on a graveyard shift in Boomtown, hubby will pick me up and we will choose which casino/hotel to have our breakfast. On this day, we decided to have our breakfast at the Beau Rivage, my favorite place in Biloxi. Their endless food display is enticing and mouth-watering. Oh, I miss this place.

This is the entrance of the casino/hotel located in:

875 Beach Blvd Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 386-7111

From my workplace, it's about 4 minutes drive. Hubby and I will have breakfast before we head home. We took the route of Beach Boulevard passing the Bay Bridge and turn right to the Front Beach and East Beach in Ocean Springs. I love seeing the sunrise every day. Anyway, this is the elegant front view/entrance of the Beau Rivage.

Here are the rates in their Casual Dining , The Buffet :

Well, we always have a half price every time we dine. Basically, we know which casino/hotel/resort  to go on a particular day to avail the Early Bird Special. 

If you happen to visit in the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, visit Biloxi. You will enjoy the amazing view, the great Sothern food and the beach. Highly Recommended!

Crafts and Decorating Ideas for Halloween

The cool breeze of September is what I longed for and yap, it is finally here. I already smell the dry leaves falling from the tree and though I do not like the mess of leaves at the front yard, I appreciate the thought that Halloween is coming and soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Aren't these holidays exciting?

Right now, I am browsing the web for crafts and decorating ideas for Halloween. I already have in mind what to decorate at the front and it will be a tedious job. I will try to re-create everything from scratch and it is going to be a witch with a broom holding a cellphone. The witch will look like having an accident, crashing in one of the pillars at the front, sort of "don't text while flying" theme LOL. What do you think? Next post, I will show you the sample photo of that. I like wood crafts as well so; I found this company that has wooden craft supplies and I love their collections. Now, if you are like me and anxious for Halloween and Christmas Celebration, you should check it out too. If you are crafty, I am sure that you will find something interesting.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Leche Flan Recipe

I made this last week and today, I am craving for Leche Flan again. I am preparing the ingredients right now and will be making two servings in a good size mold shown below.


1. 5 pieces eggs
2. one can condensed milk
3. 1./2 cup fresh milk
4. 1/2 cup white sugar


Step ONE
*.Put the egg yolks in bowl, beat them
* Add the condensed milk and mix with the yolks
* Add the fresh milk and mix well.
* Set Aside

Step TWO
* Prepare a cooking pan, turn on medium heat.
* Put the sugar on the pan, stir the sugar to caramelized. It is done when you see a light brown color
* Turn off the heat and spread the caramel on the leche flan mold
* You need to wait for few minutes so the caramel settle evenly on the mold.
* Pour the mixture on Step ONE on the mold.
* Cover the top of the mold with Aluminum foil.
* Steam for 40 minutes.
* Let it sit and cool down.
* Transfer to a plate, upside down and refrigerate.

Oh so yummy! If you want it super creamy and so rich, do not add the fresh milk. Enjoy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pizza Hut's Dinner Box

How's your Friday? I bet you are excited for the weekend? Any plans? As for me, the day goes by so fast but, I accomplished a lot today. Well, not online though for it's been few days that I am off from blogging. Yes, I was busy today that is why; hubby and I decided to just order a pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner.
This is Dinner Box which has medium rectangular 1-topping pizza, 5 breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce, and 10 cinnamon sticks with icing.

I love the cinnamon sticks and my least favorite is the breadsticks. How about you? What did you prepare for dinner?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Craving for a Leche Flan

Last week, I craved for a Leche Flan and since there is no store here that I can order and buy a Leche Flan, I tried to make one. Thankfully, I successfully made two servings.

This is truly delicious. I followed a recipe shown in YouTube. The steps were so easy to follow.

This is the steamer that I used for my Leche Flan.

I am a fan of PanlasangPinoy Website so; if you want to know how to make Leche Flan, visit search Leche Flan. That is the recipe I used. Go there now. Thanks for stopping by here.


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