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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mint Chocolate Candy

Have you been to Olive Garden? Right after you are done dining, they will give your bills and a mint-chocolate candy which looks like this. Of course, one piece of mint chocolate candy won't satisfy your taste buds right? So, I was so surprise to find this Andes, it's a chocolate candy with mint flavor. If you buy a box, it's affordable too for less than $3.
Then, craving-satisfaction will have no place if you buy a box of minty chocolate. Oh well, so far I saw this in Rousses Grocery Store in Mississippi and haven't seen it here in Florida yet.

Family Insurance

Purchasing life insurance seems like a complicated and frustrating process but, it really doesn't have to be if you follow few pointers. First of all, when do you actually need to purchase life insurance?

Most young people in their 20s and single are not even thinking about life insurance nor do they really have to. But further down the road, when you are married or have children this is when Family Insurance comes into play. Life insurance is really divided into two different categories term life and whole life. Term Life Insurance provides you protection for specified period of time and you pay a set premium it which does not accumulate a cash value.

Whole life on the other hand has guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed cash value. Because whole life insurance is considered an investment, it is more expensive than term life. Choosing which insurance coverage is the best for you and is not so difficult. Buy when you are healthy and determined exactly how much coverage will you need.

The actual purchasing of the insurance really has never been easier. You may go on the Internet and there are numerous places where you can get Insurance Quotes from different companies. For more information, check out the links provided here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Review of my Breakfast at Denny's

I have never been to Denny's so; I told my husband that I would like to dine in to another place and chose Dennys. We dine in at the location nearby airport Orlando and I was thinking, this must be good because there are so many diners. Actually, mostly they are tourists and the place was jam packed. I can't find the best option so I was thinking, I should order a $5 something breakfast coz it looks good in the picture and besides I like sunny side up egg, french toast topped with glazed fire-roasted peaches. I also told the server that I want the yellow cooked a lil bit coz I do not like the egg yolk raw. I bet the server don't understand what I was trying to instruct and she was not friendly. My husband ordered a $2 biscuits and gravy which looks good.

As you can see here, the sunny side up was flipped over and the whole plate looks yucky! The toast has that black "thingy" somewhat like a leftover from previous cooking and very salty despite of the sweet peaches. Honestly? I ate only 2 slices of that peaches and quit eating. This particular order was mostly bland except for that salty toast.

I think that Denny's is a good place to dine maybe, I was just disappointed with the service, with my food which I think is expensive, a $5.49 more or less. Will I go back to Denny's for breakfast? I might in other location to give it another try. Will I order this specific breakfast? NOPE!

Plus Size Clothing

I have a cousin who is a heavy set and she is wearing plus size clothing for women. When we go shopping for clothes, even if we both go to a women section, it still doesn't fit her body. We would go to the women's plus size clothing store and she would feel relieved because people are not staring at her anymore. She felt embarrassed because of her size. She is aware that it is not good to stay in that size (health reasons) that is why she is aiming to lose pounds. Anyway, despite of her size I love her dearly and though we are the opposite in size we enjoyed most of our "girl time' together.

When we go shopping, we normally roam around in the women section and move to her favorite store that has her size. Though she's a plus size, she looked good in her outfit all the time, maybe because she knows how to carry them well. She got that attitude where at times fluctuate with insecurities. But, that is a normal behavior right? Are you a plus size woman? You should add this Website in your list for your online shopping activity! You will love this company because they have everything that you need. Check it out today!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brocolli Cheddar Soup of Panera

I love watching Food Network. For me, it is entertaining to watch a cooking show by celebrity chef's like Wolfgang Puck, Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, Emeril "Bam" Lagasse and many more. I love watching Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen and more. I can watch all the shows all day! Food Network has this show, showcasing the favorite food of the celebrity chef. This particular bread was featured and indeed, it taste so delicious and not only that, it's healthy and good for the body!I love Broccoli and I love Cheddar Cheese, when combined? This is the product. So cheesy and so yummy!This soup contains milk, soy, wheat and for every serving, definitely has 0 sugars, 0 trans fatty acids, 0 caffeine. When you visit Panera Bread, the nutrition calculator for their product is displayed. People here are seriously health conscious that is why, this is their way of showing to their customers that they mean "customer satisfaction" comes first.
This is $5.49 and the price is just right for a delicious soup like this one. Visit the Panera Bread in your area. This is my entry for this week and thanks for coming.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Real Estate in Hawaii

My point of entry to the US is Guam and I proceeded to Hawaii. The people that I met in the island of Hawaii were very warm and they welcome the new arrival with great hospitality. I saw some people were being given a Lei which is a word that would mean garland. When the pilot announced that we will be arriving the airport in minutes, I opened my window and look down the scenery below. It was truly spectacular. I saw lush greenery of the mountains, the blue sea and the beautiful zone of the residential area. It was an amazing sight! I told myself, I would really love to live in this island. My brother-in-law has a property in this island rented by a relative of a military personnel. The real estate in Hawaii is expensive but, the location would differ the price. In fact, I saw a property which is affordable but, it is located nearby the lava flow. Don't get me wrong! The view was amazing but, that was the catch for that property. Then, I found another property which is nearby the sea but, the insurance for that house sky rocketed to a level that we can't afford to pay because it is located in a tsunami prone area. Well, that property is still a good deal for me.

If you are planning to buy a property in Hawaii, talk to a real estate expert. They will suggest the best location at your preference. The realtor will disclose the real status of the property so; click the link here for more information about the island of Hawaii.

Watermelons for Summer

One of my most favorite fruits is watermelon. When we were in Mississippi, we usually drive down the back road to Greenbay, Alabama and buy fruits. Finding a good deal is so easy for most of the farms had their own display just outside of their property. We bought peaches, pears, oranges and many more.We usually just go to Alabama for a joy ride and buy fruits and vegetables. What a nice and enchanting adventure that was!Would you believe that this $7 watermelon is only a #1? You better believe it:-)Come taste this delicious, sweet and juicy watermelon.Here in Florida, if we travel the scenic route, we can find display of fruits and vegetables too fresh from the farmlands. Watermelons are good source of Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C? A good quencher for thirst especially on a scorching day!

Bolder Flavor

How would you like to have a free shipping, money-back guarantee and a one year warranty for every product that you order online? Whewww! That would be amazing and probably all online buyers would be crazy to order all the time, right? Well, in all honesty it is seldom that you can find such amazing business concept. But, for one site that I know of that offer these good stuff, you can get a bolder flavor of the blue product.

Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol and Classic Tobacco all available in the blu products. Choose from these flavors or get your starter kit or add a flavor cartridges. Blu electronic cigarette is an authentic product of the USA under Johnson Creek company. It looks so elegant and tastes like a real cigarette.

Blue cigarette was featured on the news for this month for the cause they made donating a $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project. So, whenever you purchase a cartridge with vanilla flavor, you are a patriot for helping the wounded warriors . If you want to participate in this cause, order your blu cigarette now.

Chinese Pork and Vegetable with Cashew

There are times that I crave for chinese food and just a simple order like this will satisfy me for the whole week. Italian and Asian food is savory and tasty unlike mostly of the American food that I ate, mostly bland...sorry but, that's just my opinion. I remember that when I worked in the casino, I have to put salt and pepper on my food just to give it a flavor.Anyway, I can eat this serving for two days. It's truly satisfying! Check it out! The vegies are crunchy and if you are allergic with nuts, you can ask them for an alternate ingredient. Enjoy your day! Chow!

Relevance of SEO

My husband was browsing a certain topic yesterday and he reacted about the Websites which did not have enough information in it but, got so many hits. I explained to him how certain websites get noticed on the World Wide Web. Just like in a real world, when there is a newly opened business, they advertised their services and products. They make sure that people can go directly to their business and they are searchable in the area.

Now, if you have an online business, there is a company that will gladly do that for you. You need an SEO Services in the World of Internet. Search Engine Optimization is the trick to be visible online. When a person google a certain services or products, SEO will make sure that your Website is searchable and they will be directed to your site. That is a simple idea but is vital in the Internet World.

Even if you have the right product or have the amazing services, if you are not visible to the customers and clients, your Website is NOTHING! The need to be search online is a stepping stone to get customers, attract clients and of course get that volume of demands which you needed. That will eventually increase your sales and boom your business. CHeck it out will you?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

The Heat Index in Orlando right now is 107 degrees! In a scorcher day like this, I need more water and of course, ice cream to cool me down!This is a Blue Bunny product with peanut butter flavor. It is so rich though so; I can only eat one scoop. I know right? This bowl does contain 3 or 4 scoops. I use this as a dipping for my french fries. Wanna have some?

Address Plaque

This is a ribbon address plaque which can be ordered online at the lowest price you can get. Are you searching where to buy this type of product? There is a family-owned company in Delaware which is a favorite place to shop for mailboxes and posts, home and garden decor, address signs, house address plaques and many more.Mailbox and Beyond is a company that offers all kinds of address plaques , painted mailboxes and all kinds of personalized home and garden decors. Theis company offers a very large variety of Whitehall Products so; you don't need to look any further. Visit this Website now and start shopping for what you need. They offer the lowest price guaranteed, free shipping and they have excellent customer service. Visit the Website today or call them at 1-877-635-4255.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Salmon Filet at IKEA

Before heading to shopping area, we usually visit the restaurant first and this is my favorite: Salmon fillet with mixed vegetables and potato medallions with a corn bread. My visit to IKEA is always fun and exciting! We go shopping and if hungry, we dine in at their restaurant located in the second floor. This is a Swedish Home Department Store where you can shop almost everything that you need in your home. You go shopping by viewing the display in the second floor. Once you have your pick, you only need to copy the item number and the aile location then, proceed to the warehouse in the first floor. This is a self-service store so; you need someone to go assist with you if you shop for big furnitures. That's an exciting activity for me especially when I have to assemble the furniture myself :-) There is a self-service check out which I love to use because I can do it faster. Check in your country if you have IKEA store, you should visit it. This is my entry for Yummy Sunday. Enjoy your day everyone. Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Florida Orange Juice

When you travel towards the State of Florida and you stop by the rest area, you will be welcomed with a cup of Pure Orange Juice or a Grapefruit Juice. It's a nice gesture right? How about in your state? I am just curious! Well, in Alabama and Mississippi, they provide soda in a cup too.Here in Florida, there are so many Citrus farms in fact, we have an Orlando Citrus Parade happening every year. The schedule for this year's Citrus Parade will be on December 31, 2011 at 11 AM. Come visit Orlando this Holiday!

So Many Concerns

There are women who are self-conscious because of their weight. Once you gain weight, it's hard to make you look the way you wanted to be. But, if you do exercise, eat healthy, change your lifestyle and indulge in activities to become physically fit then, you can breathe in with all your concerns. To aim of becoming healthy is not bad at all.

Anyway, I can't imagine that there are men who are working so hard studying on how to attract women. Women likes men who have intellectuals, have sense of humor, responsible, career oriented and knows how to please women. Of course, other good characteristics of men will show eventually as the relationship progress.

It probably is okay to listen for advice to those who have successful relationship and great family. But, it is unhealthy to focus on the how and forget about the other aspects of life. We should learn to love ourselves first before we can extend love to others.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Filipino Desserts

While in the Philippines, I had the freedom to enjoy the food that I missed so much. I took the time to meet few of my friends and dine in at Lighthouse Restaurant at Gaisano City. We arrived after lunch so, we have a buffet of desserts or snacks. I have here rice cake which we call "puto", suman which is made of glutinous rice or sticky rice, maja blanca with coconut milk and corn starch are main ingredients, and the fresh "lumpia".The taste this time was okay, maybe because these foods were products by consignees? I don't know! This place was my favorite "tambayan" before I left for the US. I was a bit disappointed with the food but, in general it was all good. The next day, I gave my neighbor a thousand pesos to make the same desserts. That I call Excellent!

Car Insurance is a Must

Do you love to drive on the public roads and highways? Do you have insurance? In the US, car insurance is a must for all drivers for protection from enormous liabilities when accidents occur. Do not take for granted about car insurance because it is very risky to drive not only for you but also for other motorists. Are you searching for an affordable auto insurance right now? Well, it depends upon the type of car you have too. If you have devices installed in your car which gives you safety such as airbags, alarm device and the like, the tendency of having a lower rate insurance is possible. If the person inside the car is safer, that is good because you only pay lesser insurance. If you want more protection, the rate is also higher. Anyway, just purchase an insurance which you can afford to pay but, have the benefits that you needed most. If you want to add towing and labor coverage, that's fine because you will never know what will happen next while you are driving on the road. If you think you needed a comprehensive insurance, go for it! You need to think now that you are secured with all the liabilities in the future. Purchase a good insurance so that you will not feel sorry in the future.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red Brick Pizza at Prime Outlet Mall

Last Monday, we went to Prime Outlet Mall in Orlando to find a job. It was actually our "two cents" for that day helping our neighbor to get another job. She's currently working at SEARS in Florida Mall and wanted to quit since she was getting low rate for two years now. Inside the mall, we decided to meet at certain time because I need to go my shopping too. Hubby and I look for a pizza place and came down to the path of Red Brick Pizza.Cheese sticks for me and Hawaiian Pizza with Cashew Nuts on it for hubby. The place is cozy but was set up in a child-friendly atmosphere.The pizza was truly baked in an old fashioned brick oven which added the restaurant's charm and I like it a lot.The total ambiance is great and every table has this 24 inches flat screen TV which you can not operate by yourselves. You have to request the staff to change the channel perhaps because it was tuned in to a children show such as Disney Channel. I think kids would love this pizza place.
My husband like the whole ambiance of the restaurant too except for the Disney Channel which he had to request the staff to turn it off. So, if you want to hang out in Prime Outlet Mall and loves Pizza, this is your place for a fun family pizza meal.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Custom T-Shirts

I can't help but share this website where you can order custom t-shirts for all the members of your family and that includes your pet. I bet every one of you would agree that most of you who have pets, dogs are your most favorite. In fact, you considered them as your children so; you would love to buy them T-shirts too, right? Check out the dog custom t-shirts where you can order the color of your choice such as: red, pink, black, white, light blue and green woodland. You can customized it by adding a screen printing either at the back or front plus if you love embroidery, just request it. This company will customize the kind of T-shirt you want. Bender Apparel Graphics is a virtual store where you can customize your orders. If you are having a hard time finding custom t-shirts for your favorite dog, don't look any further. Visit and check out their products today. Aside from custom t-shirts, they also have fleece wear, golf shirts, ladies apparel, tailored shirts, outer wear, hats and even accessories. For more information about this online store, visit the link now and enjoy shopping!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Twister Fries

There are times that we crave for what's not good for our body. It's not that bad at all if we treat ourselves with simple comfort at minimal portion, right? Here's what I crave for this time, a twister fries but I made them at home.I mixed mayonnaise and banana ketchup for my dipping and you should try it. It's so good with fries and as a matter of fact, I will be going to my kitchen right now for this. Have a wonderful weekdays everyone.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pizza Starstruck

While we were at the Orange County Court House in Downtown Orlando, there was no other restaurant open inside the vicinity because it was on a Sunday. We went there to see the crowd who were anxious to wait for the closing arguments of the Murder Trial of the mother of Caylee Anthony. There was one pizza place that's open and since we are thirsty, we came in. All the newsmen, known media personalities and TV hosts were there. I was starstruck, LOL!I only eat a piece of this pizza and my head kept on turning and looking at Judge Alex, he got this TV show a small claims court where actual litigation happen and the judgement is quick. For three years I watching the show. My husband and my friend were seriously indulged eating this cheesy pizza but, my eyes are rolling on to the media personalities. If you saw the reports coming from Orlando, those people were in that room! Anyway, this pizza is not that bad at all! But, I love Hawaiian pizza anyway:-) This is my Yummy Sunday entry this week.

If you are interested in a culinary arts degree, you can find many quality cooking classes through your computer. Whether you are looking to become a chef or get an an online healthcare degree, it has never been easier or more affordable than checking it right now. Do not procrastinate! Visit these Websites today!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Favorite Salad

One of the places that I went to visit is Gaisano City simply because I miss the Lighthouse Buffet. Here's two bowls of salad that I crave for many months. I like their suman and puto and most of all, I so love their Maja Blanca and Cassava Cake.
My last visit seemed different. The food is a lot tastier back then. Anyway, i enjoyed my food and I was having a blast during my few visits. Thanks for stopping everyone!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blueberry Fresca

Whenever we dine out at OLIVE GARDEN, I usually order the Blueberry Fresca. This is such a thirst quenching drink that I learn to love over and over again. You should try this drink because it's fruity and so yummy and way better than sodas!
This is my entry for this week's Yummy Sunday meme. Thanks for stopping by!I will be visiting you back! Promise:-)

Mexican Egg Skillet

I hope you are having a good breakfast because if not, this Mexican egg skillet will make you drool the whole time you are viewing it. We probably tasted different egg skillet recipe but, what makes this unique and more delicious is the added ingredients to it.When I dine out for a sumptuous breakfast I always request for more cheeses on my scrambled eggs. Any cheese works for me either provolone cheese or swiss cheese added in to a recipe with mushrooms in it, I am set for the whole morning. If you want a recipe for these breakfast, just click the links above. It's easy to prepare and all the ingredients are available in the groceries and supermarkets. Go check it out now!

Blogger Error 503

I have been writing a new post and when I tried to publish it, the Error 503 suddenly appear. It makes me mad because few sentences were gone when I tried to recover it and it's so tiring! The server is currently unavailable because it is overloaded or down for maintenance. Well, I can't do anything but, WAIT! Generally, this is a temporary state but, when you are in a hurry to finish all the tasks, that's the time it keeps bugging me! Whewww!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Tea

I love drinking iced tea. In fact, it's one of my favorite drinks when we dine out. The health benefits of Green tea includes reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, dental cavities, kidney stones and cancer. It also improves bone density and cognitive function therefore, it's a healthy drink for me. The Tava Tea which is launched in UK is a blend of pure green tea and it's just a perfect drink that I will definitely love.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Italian Salad Dressing from Olive Garden

Finally, our renter sign the contract today and we can breathe and plan for the fourth of July celebration! We dine out at Olive Garden near Florida Mall and I ordered Chicken Pargiana and for hubby, he ordered Eggplant Pargiana. It has an endless salad or soups but, I always ordered our favorite Chicken Gnocchi. Dinner Entree is a large portion so, we box it for take out!This is Italian Salad Dressing from Olive Garden and we ordered to take out a bottle. This cost $5.35 and I am good to go for all my salad cravings this month.Dining out for today: Olive Garden at Sand Lake Road, Orlando: Highly Recommended, our server was great, checked on us regularly, the food was served on time. Check it out today!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls by Pillsbury

One of my favorite snacks that gives me comfort in my siesta time is eating Cinnamon Roll. It is easy to prepare and I can eat it all day with a cup of coffee with cream.You can find this product in your favorite grocery. Now, I am drooling for one but, it's almost lunch time so, I'd better have myself ready for a good lunch at Olive Garden instead:-)Don't forget to grab this product this week and I recommend it. They have a sugar free cinnamon rolls too so, grab what you like. Thanks for stopping my friends. This is my entry today for Yummy Sunday!Thanks for the visit!


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