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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Home

Contribution by Saul Martin:

My husband and I bought our first house today. We have been renting for years. We wanted to make sure we found the perfect house and the perfect lot before we bought our own. A couple months ago we found our future home. It is perfect. It has the white picket fence with a rose garden in the back. The kitchen is beautiful with tons of storage and the basement is the perfect place for my husband’s man cave. We had all the utilities turned on today and security choice is installing the alarm tomorrow. We cannot wait to move all our stuff in and call it home. I have been waiting for the day to come when we owned our own place. I just can’t believe it is finally here. My husband has already planned out what furniture will go where and what colors the walls will be painted. Sometimes I think he should have been an interior decorator. I thought I would be the most excited, but clearly it is him. It is wonderful to feel so great about such a large purchase. We really are lucky!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Garden Cafe at Deck 11 Aft

The main buffet of Norwegian Sky is the Garden Cafe Lido Buffet and Great Outdoors which is open at 5:30 AM for breakfast. It is also open for lunch and dinner and since Norwegian Sky offers a freestyle dining, you can eat whenever you want. You can eat in the Garden Cafe in a buffet dining or go to a fine dining at the Crossings or the Palace.My husband and I usually woke up early and have our coffee here while waiting for the ship to dock on an island. Some guests woke up early too to use the Jacuzzis and swim the pool at the mid section at Deck 11.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Footwear

We had a blast with our 4-days Bahamas cruising. I was with my husband, his daughter and her boyfriend. So far, we enjoyed it and we are planning to do it again sometime. The vacation was so grand that all we did was eat whole day and enjoy the islands. The best attire that we bring on the cruise was swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, flip flops and slip on. We also have few formal wears for formal dinner attire.

Most of the footwear that we have during the cruise was flip flops and we paired it with shorts and tank tops. All the time, people love to stay on the deck at the poolside having sun bathing. When the ship docks on the mainland most of the guests went to the beach. It was gloomy so; I was really wearing long pants because it was windy and cold. One time, it was raining so hard but, I saw people swimming on the beach and snorkeling.

The weather was not a deterrent to our vacation. When we sail away, there were so many activities on the ship. Most of us were wearing swimsuits and again, flip flops and that was really comfortable attire on the ship.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Parking Garage

When we booked our cruising trip to Bahamas, we were looking for parking lot to park our car for 4 days. I was truly amazed because there are so many parking lots available nationwide but, they vary in prices and safety of the location. Well, if you are looking for parking lots, you should see to it that the location is not far from where you want to go. If you travel for a cruise ship, then find a location which is nearby the port. If you need to go to the airport, you need to look for a parking lot nearby the airport also. Make sure if they can transfer you to your destination also. Some parking lots offer free transport to the port or to the airport. It also depends how many is allowed for free transport. As for us, we have free transport for two persons.

In orlando airport parking, they have an affordable rates per day. The location is very safe so, there is nothing to worry about your car. If you are looking for parking lots anywhere in the US, just click the link and type your destination. It is very affordable and it is easy to book online. Check it out today.

At Disney's Magic Kingdom

Last week, hubby and I decided to purchase a Disney ticket which is good for one year. As a resident of Florida, we have a special pass and our price is a lot cheaper. We started using our ticket to Magic Kingdom and since we are not on a rush, we went after lunch. We went to the Haunted House and ride on the Ferry and when we are tired, we went home. We did not bother to wait for the fireworks.
When we were hungry, we went to a restaurant in the area of Liberty Square.
I just need something to munch so, french fries are okay for me. The servers here are dressed up in the old times.
Well, having this Disney pass is really great for us because we easily get bored at home. At least, we do not really travel that far to unwind. I think we will be using this ticket more often now.

Employees Overtime

Anything over 40 hours, a worker will be compensated according to the laws on overtime. I think this is true to most of the countries all over the world. The worker is not required to work overtime but, some companies have a mandatory requirement to all their employees to have the overtime. This is required by the management especially when the lack the manpower at certain time. Holidays and special events are mostly the time needed by a certain company such as hotels, casino and restaurants. This is also true in establishments such as rent-a-car and airports.

Well, when I was working as a teacher, we have no overtime paid because we are in the category of a salaried employee. We actually works 8 hours a day and when we are called to report even on weekends, we have to report because our weekends was also paid off. During summer vacation, even if we do not teach for 2 months, we are paid also. Unlike an hourly employee, they can work 8 hours a day plus, overtime. The overtime pay is much higher. Most of the time, the rate would be 1.5 plus higher. If you are an employee, make sure you know the law of overtime. Check out the link provided here.

Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar

Our friend who works from Delta Airlines wanted to buy a property in Cocoa Beach for rental property and at the same time, use it as a vacation rest house. As for us, our quest is to find a house to live because we love the beach. After viewing some properties, we went to the Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar.My friend ordered the Bacon Wrapped Scallops and it was the best bacon wrapped scallops that I ever tasted. Though it's expensive, the price will equal to the taste. $12.99 for three skewers.
Of course, we ordered another nibbler/appetizer because this is truly good, yum!Anyway, I always like calamare and the server did her part that this is the best calamare so; I tried it. Well, it is not the best because it was tough!Well, we enjoyed it anyhow except the calamare LOL. The server is great. The ambiance is awesome. I will definitely come back here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fit For A King

Looking for big and tall clothing is not anymore a problem these days. In fact, designers today realized that there is a need to create clothing in all available sizes. Before, clothes for big and tall men are only limited to huge shirts, saggy clothes, baggy pants and many others. These all gave large men a terrible look.

Today, there are now big and tall clothes that will surely put a style on large men. There are a number of selections when it comes to stylish sportswear, business wear, sleepwear and many others. The key to finding a nice clothing is the size. Take the time to find the clothing that fits you well. It can be a challenging task but there’s plenty of it you can choose from. If you can’t find the right clothes that suit you well, you can actually find a tailor to adjust your needs. Clothes that fit well can give you a good look, and a having a bad one can make you look terrible.

With the latest advancement in the clothing and fashion industry, it not anymore impossible to get a good look even if you belong to a size king. It’s just takes a little bit of experiment and patience. So go ahead, get a good look by wearing the size that suit you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

An Escape to Cape Code

Once in a while we need a time for ourselves and to do that is to go somewhere, away from the prying eyes of other people and away from the familiar noise. Life is not all about work and get rich but it’s all about living a productive and meaningful life as well. So much the better if you want to bring your family or special someone with you on your vacation so that you can have a great bonding time together. Perhaps spending quality time with them may be all you need.One of the nicest destinations to unwind is Cape Cod. It is a great place to have a summer getaway to relax and not to think of stressful things. And you can enjoy the great view of the place. If you are planning to go there by summer next year, you can make a reservation as early as now. Try to check with Cape Cod vacation rental and see which suits you best. You can see at their Website the many beautiful cottages including the popular and classy Martha’s Vineyard. You can also inform them of what you want and what you need and they will gladly provide that for you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tour of Italy at Olive Garden

If you come for dinner at Olive Garden, the Tour of Italy is about $16.25 and it comes with lasagna, creamy fettuccine pasta in white sauce which I like, and the breaded chicken. My chicken was tough this time hehehe but, since I enjoyed my pasta, I am alright. I am not in the mood to complain on this particular night. Besides, I like this restaurant no matter what. I love my blueberry fresca as always. I won't order this menu again because it's a big portion. The food is great with that minor mishap, you can see the burnt chicken right? LOL.I just love the Olive garden. It is my favorite Italian Restaurant. As a matter of fact, I am drooling for pasta and their sampler Italiano this time. Oh so yummy! Good thing I have my own version of Sicilian scampi right now. It is a big shrimp sauteed with olive oil, garlic and tomato. Yummy Yum! It's my dinner tonight, want some?

Book Keeping Services

Having a business entails book keeping functions and obligations such as payroll, accounting and payment processing. When you need to manage all aspects of your business, it will be overwhelming and might compromise the quality of your work. You need to tap a company who can do an excellent job with regards to bookkeeping. Click the link and this company might be the one you are looking for.

The Bookkeeper Melbourne provides accounting and payment processing. They accept any business who seeks for bookkeeping services as well as outsource bookkeeper, accounts payable, and accounts receivable services. This company has the knowledge in accounting which is very important to handle the tasks in the business.

If you have a non-profit organization and you need a bookkeeper, you can also contact this company. They have wide array of clients from big time businesses to small entrepreneurs, they are most happy to give their service to your company. They treat all their clients equally and provide the same level of services. Call them today at 1-300-629-454 for more information. If you are looking for a payroll specialist and qualified professionals who are efficient, trustworthy and expert on this job, hire this company today. Visit the link now!

Only at Wendy's

There are times that we are on the rush of doing errands and we cannot sit down for a good meal. The only option to feed our hungry stomach is drive-thru a fast food. Wendy's prepare their products fresh well, that is according to my husband. For me, my concern is I am starving and I need food to chow! LOL!
This is only a small portion in fact, these orders are under the dollar menu but, I enjoyed it.
The nuggets are not the best but, for my hungry tummy, this is enough to make me full!

Quality Scrubs

I wonder how I would look in a nursing uniform. I never took up nursing, but I have so many people around me who did. That is why the Website is not at all new to me. I have visited it so many times because my friends would ask me for a second opinion about online stores. I suggested this Website to them because these nursing uniforms and scrubs are made in good quality. So far, they love the style and the material of these scrubs. I have been told countless times how comfortable they are and the price is just about right. Not only that, these scrubs and nursing uniforms moved forward to include variety of colors and also in style.

So if there would be a fashion show of scrubs and nursing uniforms, there would already be an array of them in all splendors. Not that they come shiny and sequined but, enough fashion sense so as not to bring a boring statement for those who works in the hospital. I am sure by now you have also seen the medical staff in hospitals who wear really nice scrubs to match their enthusiasm at work, right? They actually look so elegant and well-respected. Anyway, if you are planning to buy scrubs, check this Website today. I recommend it in all honesty!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar

The Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar at Cocoa Beach is one restaurant that we frequently visit with my husband. Their food is so good in fact, I am drooling with their Bacon Wrapped Scallops right now. It is made of Fresh, deep-water scallops and seasoned with lemon pepper. It is wrapped with bacon, skewered and grilled to perfection. The picture below is the best bacon wrapped scallops I ever tasted.My husband and I went to Cocoa Beach today with our friend Ann. We are viewing some property rentals because we are on the process of buying a rental income property which we could also use as a vacation place.
After viewing some properties, we decided to visit this restaurant. Ann suggested that we should try the scallops and for a starter food, this is a bit expensive, $8.99 for 2 skewers or $12.99 for 3 skewers. Because it was so good, we ordered two servings.
I love calamare so, I ordered this finger food. It was okay but, not the best.
I enjoyed our lunch in this restaurant. The place is always crowded because the food and the ambiance is great.

Interesting Job

Our neighbor's daughter is dating a China sourcing agent. Well, the mother never stopped talking about him during the weekend picnic. With that, I became curious what a China sourcing agent does and I found some good information about it online. It is about full sourcing services, a provider and supplier for chain advisory firm and they have agents who help in the process. So that must be his job? I wondered endlessly. Helping companies around the world develops and maintain successful sourcing programs directly with Chinese factories that capital less than necessary. So, Mr. Sourcing Agent comes between the Chinese factories and the company in need, and helps both parties in a win-win deal. So doing, he and his company earns too. Wow! I think that is quite a heavy task and I bet it pays more money.

I wonder if China sourcing agents should learn to speak Chinese or Mandarin. Because come to think of it, these sourcing agents deal with Chinese and they are the type of people who trust business persons who know how to speak in their language. Holds true for most Chinese business persons I know. Well, learning more than one language is indeed an advantage, and Chinese or Mandarin is one language that one should not miss.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buffet in Hard Rock Biloxi

One of the things that we do while we live in Mississippi is dining out in the buffet, playing the slot machines, crabbing, fishing and casino hopping. This is Hard Rock Biloxi's satisfaction Buffet.There was no big crowd on this particular Wednesday. There were new servers but, our server was the old Vietnamese woman. There was a Filipino employee in the buffet area. I saw him in the Italian section.Because we are in crisis, I think the casino business in this area is hurting so bad. After the katrina and the oil spill plus, the bad economy that we have now, people are saving money than gamble.
The buffet lacks the seafood this time. My husband was looking for crab legs and shrimps but, they do not serve it this time.
The picture above is the entrance to the buffet from the casino area.
As you can see, there were vacant seats unlike before, people are waiting in a long line. The price is sti; the same every Wednesday, half the price.

Striving to be Healthy

It is so hard to maintain a healthy body. No matter how we tried, we are not immune with diseases and illnesses from our daily activities. Though we scheduled a regular visit to our doctors sometimes, we are not safe from being sick. At least, we have the prevention and early detection if we are health conscious. Research Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Companies continue to explore and develop new discovery to find cure and therapy for all our health concerns. With that being said, there is a clinical study about the Cell Extract. Nano Cell Extracts are molecules that repair and regenerate to various cells, tissues and organs. It is a 100% natural and chemical-free product.

Nano Cell Extracts came from foetal tissues which are used for therapy. There are three products which are proven safe and effective. These products are used for therapy for skin firming and moisturizing. The third therapy is a regeneration product. Nano Cell Extracts are fragrance free and no additives. You may check out the Website for more information about these products which came from a placenta, mesencyme and skin cells. If there is a therapy that gives us remedy to our health concerns, it is worth a try. Let us strive to be healthy and we must consult our doctors regularly.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Delicious Treats

These are the delicious treats from Panera Bread Bakery and cafe'. I love their soups and rolls but, since all the bakery items will cost only 99 cents when I order a regular meal then; I might as well take advantage of the promo. I have this roll which is so sweet topped with crunchy pecan. If you love cakes and pastries, you will like this sweet dough with cinnamon-sugar filling, topped with caramel & pecans.Here is another treat from the bakery, a bear claw. If you buy a bakery item in a regular price, it would cost $2 or more but, with the promo of 99 cents, that's a good deal! Bear claw is made with an almond filling, drizzled with icing and sliced almonds. I usually eat it without the icing.This is my favorite and I crave this meal once in a while. This is a creamy broccoli cheddar soup which is a chopped broccoli, shredded carrot and seasonings simmered in a velvety smooth cheese sauce.The same menu but, the bread was used as a bowl for the soup. I first saw this food on Food Network Channel when the chef introduced his favorite food. I was influenced and so, I found it and now, it's one of my favorites.
Visit Panera Bread in your area and check this out. Let me know if you like my recommendations. Have fun dining!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Traveling to Spain

My husband has traveled the world when he was in the military. He was assigned to Asia and during his younger days, he was all over Europe. He lived in Spain for almost ten years and he has endless stories about the places he visited in the country. He said, a good way to spend a vacation in this place is renting Villas in Spain.

A good size accommodation for the family with the beautiful view of the surroundings would be ideal.There are buildings in Spain which is influenced by extensive Roman era infrastructure as well as fine Arabic style architecture. But, there are modern architecture as well which is known as "modernisme" and Spain is in a revolution of contemporary architecture such as this villa in the picture.

The buildings in other cities such as the Barcelona apartments are with old architecture. There are high rise apartments in the city but, they are not the typical modern. That is why; the charm is present in the area. The apartments are rustic, full of charm, have big rooms and high ceilings. Check out the Spain tourist information to know the activities which you can do while you stay in the country. Before you visit Spain, make sure you already book the villa or the apartment for your vacation.

The weather in this country is Mediterranean and though my husband only experience the snow one time; he said, it is cool but not chilly. He likes Spain but, he prefers to live in the tropical weather of Florida. We plan to have a vacation to Europe early next year, and Spain is one place that we plan to visit. We prefer to stay in a villa because of the location. We love to see the trees just like the picture showed here.


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