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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eat Eat Eat!

I noticed that I have been very busy doing things outside from the blogging world. For me, it is really great because I enjoyed being in the real world. Eating is always a fun thing to do and dining out is always in our system. Hubby and I are always on the go so, we resort to dining out as an easy thing to do. We love to cook but, when we have errands to do, dining out is more convenient. This plate is from OLIVE GARDEN, an Italian fine dining and one of our favorite places to go whenever we need a good meal. (Fettuccini and chicken parmigiana)By the look of this bowl, I know this is Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup from PANERA BREAD. Oh this is really good. I can eat this for lunch and I will be good for the rest of the day.I am not a baby-back-ribs fan but, this is not bad at all. In fact, this food taste good and the tender-licking ribs are so delicious. This plate is from IKEA food restaurant and we ate before we roam the store, usually! We visit IKEA to eat and then, check out new display. We do that when we are bored!
Okay, this is Welch's fruit snacks that I always have in the car. When I am hungry, this is my tummy's saviour. This is FAT FREE, Gluten free and no preservatives so, a good snacks fo me.Anyway, whenever we dine at PANERA BREAD, I always order anything that I like to try in the bakery. When I ate this, I sliced the white stuff -take it off, it's just too sweet for me.
So, this is what I do when I am off the PC. Eat! Oh, I weight 47 kls, not bad huh? I am only 5ft so, though I eat a lot, my metabolism burns the calories so fast.

Cocoa Beach Pier

The nearest and the most easy to visit beach near Orlando is Cocoa Beach which is located near Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral. The travel time from Orlando to Cocoa Beach is about an hour.I was standing on the Pier and I took this picture showing the shoreline of Cocoa Beach and the condo's nearby. On the opposite side, the playground and the area where beach goers go for a swim and surfing.The water is not clear today in fact, the waves are big and rough but, it was an inviting moment for surfers. Most surfers that I saw were young and newbies but, they have older person with them.This particular picture with the two surfers are father and daughter. The daughter was able to surf some of the big waves and it looks fun to watch in fact, some of us cheered for her.
See the picture above? I was actually taking the picture of the bird flying above. I got it but, it was already far. This is one of our favorite places here in Cocoa because of the food. There are many instances that we come here just to eat lunch. Food here is great! You should visit this place.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Home Buying Experience

Tomorrow, we have a scheduled meeting with our realtor and we will be viewing some of the home properties nearby the beach area. For months, we are constantly searching for a good location and a nice home to buy because we wanted to have more rooms and big yard. We plan to pay cash since the housing market here in Florida dive down to rock bottom. It is very convenient for us to purchase the house in cash than pay the mortgage every month. Besides, we are only looking for affordable property. How about you? Are you planning to buy your dream home? If you have the means to buy a new home, you should do it now and take advantage of the current prices of the housing market. The buyer has the advantage to find a good deal because there are so many available houses listed under foreclosure or short sales. If you have an excellent credit scores, you will never be denied for a mortgage loan.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trex : family Adventure

Downtown Disney is a nice place to go if you need to relax. Of course, your children will enjoy this place most because of trex. You will be amazed with the dino skeletal decor that this place has. There are so much to see inside too. If you love to shop, buy something here. When you are hungry, this place has a restaurant. I love the food in this place and I know you will too. Your kids will enjoy playing as Archaelogist in a site where they can dig the dino bones beneath the pile of sands.
You can shop all you want at Downtown Disney and this store is a fun way to start shopping.

You will be seeing this rib cage bones of dinosaur inside the store. Check out Downtown Disney with your family and friends.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ash Handling

If you are searching for fly ash handling, United Conveyor Corporation is the right place to check out. This company has been in the business for nine decades and they develop the method of material handling technology. This company is the key that led to the improvement of plant performance. The United Conveyor Supply is a company that handles the design as well as supplies the material, install and maintain ash handling solutions.

This company provides on time shipment and quality products such as pipes, gates, valves, crushers, tanks and vessels, prime movers and more. Visit the link above and check out their selection of products and parts. They also have the following systems: fly ash, lime handling, economizer ash, oil ash and more. This corporation provides a high quality service and high performance every time you transact a business with them.

If you are looking for a company that supplies a reliable system on pressure, vacuum, hydraulic, mechanical and PRB Dry Scrubber, United Conveyor Corporation provides all that for you. Visit the Website today and check out if they are available in your location.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fried Foods

As much as possible, we need to refrain from eating fried food. It is not healthy to our body but, when we are in the fast food restaurants, french fries and fried tilapia are served faster so, it is easy to order. I am guilty for that too but, if given the preference I would prefer steamed rice and slight piece of lean meat with soup. That is only available in a Chinese Buffet. Typical American Restaurants have instant rice, yellow rice and fried rice.Anyway, we went to Cocoa Beach Pier just to hang out. It was a nice day and people were swimming, surfing and just tanning on the shore.I stayed inside the restaurant on the Pier, observing the people and enjoying the good day at the beach. Then, I ordered the fish and fries as well as the gator tails. I don't know but, it seems wierd to eat the gator meat. It was like eating the neck of chickens though, chickens are more tastier especially chicken necks at Sunburst back in the Philippines.Anyway, it's not bad to enjoy the food cravings right? I love fries and when I am at home, I bake them and use the olive oil. Now, these onion rings are so tasty because of the batter. I always have a disaster onion rings at home. Just by looking at this plate, I am now craving for fried foods. Crazy me huh!
Thanks for stopping everyone! I will probably bake the potato fries now! Want some?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Plus Size Evening Dresses

The wedding of my niece will be in December. Last Sunday, I was shopping for my dress for the said event together with my cousin who was searching for plus size evening dresses. I probably would shop for winter clothing that I can wear for the wedding. Anyway, are you wearing the sizes 12W to 44W? You are so lucky that Roaman's company cater to all your needs in clothing style. This online shop is the favorite store of my cousin because this company has stylish dresses, the shoes are fabulous and the accessories are in high fashion. Most of her shoes and bags came from this store. Visit Roaman' today and shop for Christmas gifts for your friends and family at reasonable prices. The more you shop at Roaman's, you will get a reward which you can use at any time. At Roaman's, great savings await you for your holiday shopping spree. When you visit the Website today, they offer the semi-annual holiday sale for up to 60% discount. To avoid the Christmas rush, you should start shopping online today. Visit the link above and have fun shopping!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning everyone! What's for breakfast? I am not really a morning person but, I eat a lot (",). I am a Filipino so I prefer plain white rice and dried fish and dunk it to a spicy vinegar. Im drooling for this food right now. Anyway, I cannot have that so; an alternate is an egg 'tortilla' with mushroom and lots of cheese in it with a tasty bagel.I had this breakfast while we dine in the Palace Restaurant in the Norwegian Sky Cruise on the date specified in the picture. The server that we have is a Filipino and we gave him a tip for a good service.
Anyway, I am hungry right now so; I guess I will have my rice with an egg and cheese omellette. Let's eat!

Espresso Makers

Do you love coffee? How about an espresso? I love espresso because it has a thicker consistency than the normal brewed coffee. I am crazy over latte and cappuccino in fact; my mornings start with a cup of cappuccino or latte'. When my friends and I meet up for a scrap-booking activity; most of us ordered a hot espresso product to warm us up. It is just relaxing to have a cup of hot espresso especially on winter time, right? These days, espresso products are available even in the fast food establishments. Anyway, I am planning to buy the best Espresso Makers which will be on sale for the Black Friday. Good sale happens on that day, right? Do you have plans to buy a perfect espresso machine too? If you cannot wait for the big sale in two weeks, you can buy it on sale right now at Seattle Coffee Gear. This online store has the best espresso machines, coffee makers, grinders and roasters available at reasonable price. Not only that, you can also buy coffee and tea from this company as well as accessories for espresso machines. Check it out these products at Seattle Coffee Gear. Just click the link above today.

The facility Management

We bought this condo unit about a year ago and so far, the Facility Management is doing great serving our community. In fact, they responded to our complaint which is about a small crack on the exterior side of the wall, nearby the window. We wanted it fix right away because when it rains, water makes it as a passage way. They send out workers, fix it and paint it too. So far, our community is well taken care of such as the landscape of the property and the pool area. Our community is well lighted creating a safe neighborhood at night. The manager and other employees are very accommodating with our complaints.

How about in your area? Do they provide solution to the maintenance issues in your community? If they do not then maybe, your community needs to hire another facility management company who is competent in the job. Your community has the right to change your facility management if they cannot do the services which they promise. Each one of you, pay the exact amount every month so that facility management does their job exactly. For more ideas, visit the link above.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Souvenirs at Norwegian Sky

If you are planning to cruise via the Norwegian Sky, alcohol drinks are not included in the ticket. A beer would cost at least 7.50 but if you drink a lot, you might as well buy the Bar Manager's Special for the day. A bucket of beer is cheaper and some special wines are sold in discounted price. They also have the Island Signature Specials and Flavored Martinis. I bought this martini for $7.95 in yellow souvenir glass. Sodas are not included in your ticket too. What's included in the ticket is tea, coffee and juices. If you are thirsty for soda, you can buy a Pepsi Product for less than $30 using this souvenir glass. They will have a sticker on your keycard and it will be free refill with in the entire trip. It is actually cheap if you drink a lot of soda.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pomegranate as Antioxidant

What's up you healthy people? I have been off lately because hubby and I travelled a lot and we have three guests at home so; we miss blogging! I have so much to share and I hope I am back for good this time. Okay! Today, hubby and I had a little road trip down South of Florida. I have been wanting to eat fruits because I was hungry while we were having the road trip. We stopped by at Wal-Mart and bought this fruit!This is Pomegranate and a bit expensive because it's $2.28/lb. I love it. Do you know how to open a pomegranate? Here's how: Cut off the top just below the crown maybe half inch then, score the skin at each section. Separate each score then, loosen the flesh covered seeds called "arils". You need a bowl of course and you only need the arils so; do not include the white membrane. That's eat! That's how I ate it. It is juicy, yummy and full of health benefits! Pomegranates have polyphenols, a powerful and effective antioxidants. It helps protect the body against free radicals and other major factors in aging. This fruit is also a good source of Vitamin C. If you have colds, eat the pomegranate (",). Pomegranate is a good source for Vitamin K, a substance required for healthy blood coagulation. Moreover, pomegranates are good for the body especially when a person suffered a chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer. Come on, let us chow! Make this fruit your snacks!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Freestyle Dining at Norwegian Sky

These are the sweets that I ate during my snack time while on board of the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship. Okay, do not ask me what are these, LOL. I am not particular with the name but, with the taste, oh my gosh...these are really good.Norwegian Sky is a Freestyle Dining so; you can eat anytime and in any dining area of the cruise ship. If you love the buffet, you can just go to the Great Outdoor Cafe and Garden Cafe at the 11th deck. If you love the fine dining, you can go to the Palace or Crossings. This type of dining experience is way better than other cruise ship out there. In freestyle, you do not choose what time you eat, you do not sit on the same sitting arrangement and most of all, you can access the room service and have the food deliver at NO extra charge! That is truly awesome right?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Smart Choice

Do you smoke? Are you seeking for a cost effective and more convenient alternative? Nowadays, electric cigarette is the smoker's smart choice. It looks like a real cigarette and it taste just like the traditional cigarette. My friend told me that when he used the electronic cigarette, it helps him lose weight. So far, there are changes with his weight and he looks in better shape now. He claimed that it was because of the electronic cigarette that he was using. Well, I cannot see the connection between losing weight and using the e-cigarette. If you want to know the health benefits of e-cigarette, just visit the link above and check it out. Anyway, if you are a smoker and it is hard for you to quit, switch to e-cigarette because it is the safest way to quit smoking. You can quit smoking gradually by using the electronic cigarette first before you quit totally. This product is affordable and the risk is less than the traditional cigarette. I know that you are curious about this product. If you want to quit smoking, this is the best alternative that you should try.


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