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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Church's Chicken at South Semoran

There is a newly open branch of Church's Chicken along the South Semoran Boulevard in Orlando. My husband and I checked it out and we ordered the original chicken and corn nuggets. I was expecting that their chicken would taste excellent but, it just taste okay. It doesn't have the unique flavor that I am looking for. I will give it a try on my second visit and maybe, I will have a change of heart. On the positive side, the manager is awesome and he knows how to deal with customers. This branch has a very friendly atmosphere and the staff were very courteous and polite. It is a good strategy because customers love that. I was really happy that they have corn nuggets. Last February, I love the taste of corn nuggets in one of the buffets in Biloxi Mississippi. I craved for it so; I ordered this.I will go back and taste their fried chicken again and I hope I will appreciate it by that time.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


It was surprising to know that I met some people who have little knowledge in English language. Some of them do not know simple English therefore; they only communicate using their own language. Many times I was approached by people and wanted to start a conversation using Spanish. I can understand a little bit of Spanish but, I cannot speak Spanish in a sentence. I had to tell them, "No habla Spanish" and they shy away. I really wanted to learn Spanish so that, I can talk to them and help them when they ask questions. They should also mingle to their American friends to polish their English language.

We will be traveling to Spain in 4 months and I wanted to learn simple Spanish sentences so that I can communicate with them in their language. Anyway, I have a cousin-in-law who came from Poland. He speaks fluent English and he mingles a lot with American friends so; within few months he is well-adjusted. He did use a Polish translation service one time when he needed it for an important document to translate. As for me, all my legal documents are written in English so; I have no problem with translation.

Juicy Turkey Leg

On my first visit in Downtown Disney (4 years ago), I saw a group of men eating a gigantic leg of meat. I traced the vendor and it's selling Turkey Leg worth $9.99. I was like, could they eat them without rice or something? I was curious about the taste after all the queue is really long and it' sellable. I refrain from buying I thought it's just ordinary meat!When we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom few weeks ago, our friend bought a turkey leg and I told myself, I will try it. OMG! Delicious and taste like Lechon! It is just awkward to eat a huge Turkey Leg as we walk around Disney LOL. I won't do it again *wink*!Downtown Disney do not sell them anymore and I do not know why. Every time I crave for one, I just go to WalMart and for less than $10, I got two pieces.So crunchy, tasty, and juicy. Turkey leg is better than chicken because it has low fat and it is a high protein food. It is so meaty and less fats compared to the all-time favorite chicken. For more nutritional info on Turkey Leg, check it out in Website.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ikea Restaurant

Just in case if you do not know yet, IKEA was founded in 1943 by then, 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. IKEA is an acronym comprising the initials of the founder's name Ingvar Kamprad, the farm where he grew up Elmtaryd, and his hometown Agunnaryd, in Småland, South Sweden. There you go, I hope you will not forget that coz I did all the time, LOL.The picture above is my favorite menu in IKEA Restaurant and we always eat first before we shop around. I like their Swedish meatballs when I am so hungry. Their IKEA breakfast which is Scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes is only 99¢ and sometimes, they offer it free for early customers. If you have an IKEA Family card, you will have free coffee and more discounts too.I love viewing the IKEA room designs especially their kitchen and dining room designs.Their restaurant is cozy with kids area. Food tastes great and if you love Swedish food, this is your place.Hubby and I love to visit IKEA, just look around for what's new in home design and ideas. We usually buy home decors every time.Check out the IKEA home furnishings in your area. While in there, make sure you dine in their restaurant or buy some goodies in their food market.

Affordable Glasses at Zenni

For almost four years now, I have known one company that provides affordable eye wear. The products of this company are durable and I know it for a fact because my cousin bought her glasses from them. She has two kids who also wear glasses at early age and she really recommends Zenni Optical because their price is really favorable for budget-conscious mommies.

Kids are not careful with their things and so; they break their glasses easily or left them behind. Eye wear is expensive and she cannot afford to keep buying them. She found Zenni online when she google affordable glasses. She ordered two sets of glasses so that she could have a spare if in case the kid will break it. For both glasses she only paid less than $20 which was truly a good deal. When the son lost the glasses for the nth times, it doesn't hurt that much compared to $99 glasses. Anyway, as the kids grow up, they learn to take care of their things well. But, my cousin only uses Zenni Optical eye wear.

Affordable yet durable because their products are directly sold to the consumers direct from the factory. They do not pay for the middleman so; their prices are low. If you check out the Website, their eye wear designs and colors are in fashion with hundreds to choose from. Check it out now.

Grilled Chicken Caprese at Olive Garden

If you love Italian Food, I suggest that you should check out Olive Garden. I was not so hungry but, I crave for Grilled Chicken Caprese at Olive Garden the other day. I ordered Strawberry-Mango lemonata which is a refreshing strawberry and mango purée. It is mixed with sweet lemonade and sliced strawberries. My grilled chicken caprese is a light meal with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and basil pesto spread in it. This menu comes with a soup so; I ordered the spicy Zuppa Toscana. It has a spicy sausage, russet potatoes and cavolo greens in a creamy broth. You should try it when you visit Olive Garden. If you want to save few bucks, check out the coupon online, print and give it upon payment. Coupons are always welcome in this establishment.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Search Engine and Link Building

I was looking for the list of search engines so; I can submit some of my individual post. I have to do it this way in order to optimize my site for free. It will be a tiring job for me but, it does really help my site. I do this once a week and if I have more time. It is really rewarding and I see some good results.

Some companies online such as AdvantageMarketing provides cutting edge tools to properly optimized your Websites thereby achieving higher rank in search engines like google, yahoo, bing and more.

Right articles, good keywords and writing about the trend of the Web is very important. It is necessary for me to write about interesting topic. Title should be simple, searchable and I made it a point that the tag I use is also searchable. Anyway, if you want to optimized your site and does not want to do anything, you can increased your ranking by month to month basis. Click the link and have them do everything for you. They will help you with link building, PPC campaigns, content writing and more. Check it out!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shrimp Sinigang

We have shrimps, vegetables and sinigang mix so; it's time to put them together. Yayyy, I am so famished after painting 3 doors in our home office. Actually, my hubby was the one using the roller and I did all the trimmings. I need something to fill me up! Sinigang and a fresh from the rice cooker steamed rice, all I need for now.It is a rainy Monday here and soup like "sinigang sa sampaloc" can fill me up good. let's chow everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Filipino Store in Cocoa

Here in Florida, we have mangoes coming from Mexico and from other countries in the South. Some mangoes are sweet and some are not. So, the best way to eat sweet produce are mangoes coming from the Philippines via online purchase but, it's a bit expensive. We are now moving in the new house in Cocoa. I was wondering if I can find a Filipino store nearby. Boy, I was so glad! I found a store, a restaurant and an ice-cream parlor all in one managed by a Filipino family. No mangoes but, its alright. We ordered the food first because we were famished. Hubby ordered a shrimp sinigang while I choose the Pork Lechon. I am real happy to see the food. I was so full that night!

If you live in Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Port St. John, check out this store:

Ice Cream Junction
and Oriental Food Mart and Restaurant
214 West Cocoa Beach Causeway
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931
321-799-2714 / 321-799-2715

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pet Owners Should Learn the Basics of Pet Care

My husband and I were talking about Rusty just the other day. He is a big brown lab of our neighbor across the streets. He is a huge dog alright but, he is sweet and friendly. I was at the front yard doing my gardening when I noticed something was sniffing at my back. When I look around, I saw this huge dog at my back in fact, bigger than me because I am petite. I was so scared because I do not know where he came from.

He knows that I was scared of him because he sat on the grass and wiggle his tail trying to be so nice to get my trust LOL. I am always afraid of dogs but, I did tried to pet him and he was so friendly and playful.

When my husband and father-in-law saw me with the dog, they came out and they too like Rusty. He is new in the neighborhood and was one among the many dogs of our neighbor. He is very clean, handsome and well-feed and he always comes in the house every morning to see us. Funny thing was, when we go to the grocery we buy him toys and goodies as part of the family.

Anyway, do you have pet dogs at home? If you just started to own a pet dog, you should check out Pets Aware Pet Shop and Pet Care and learn the basics on how to care for animals. You can't just let them go to your neighbors. We like Rusty and we like having him every day but, we noticed later that Rusty smells bad. One time, we saw him all muddy and tired. I hope Rusty is fine and that the owner takes care of him real good.

Bakery Cafe' at Panera Bread

Hubby and I were super busy these days because we are gradually moving as much as we can accomplish in a week. We are always on the rush but, when I tried browsing the folders in my files, saw these pictures of Panera Bread goodies. Oh, I could run there now and have a bite on this one.

We got 8 coupons that we can use in Panera Bread. We plan of using them anytime soon. This is my Yummy Sunday entry this week. Let's chow!I will see you in your blogs soon.


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