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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Coffee and Doughnut at RaceTrac

I admire some establishments that give back something to their customers. Twice it happened that we got coupons from the mail. It has 4 coupons for a Free Coffee, Free Breakfast and Free Doughnuts. Race Trac is one of our favorite gas stations for years now. Having this promotion is helpful to boost their business even more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dine in the Satisfaction Buffet at Hard Rock

When I am craving for Filipino foods, Chinese Buffet is a good alternative. But, when we live in Mississippi, Satisfaction Buffet in Hard Rock is where we go to substitute my food cravings. We went to Biloxi for Mardi Gras and stayed three nights for FREE in the Isle Hotel. I might asked Hard Rock next time to also sponsor our stay right?The picture below is the Satisfaction Buffet in the Bakery area. Here's another area for Italian food, soups and salads. Hubby's first plate: Cajun food. Here is the Grill area and next to it is the Asian area. I met their cook before and he was a Filipino.If you come to Hard Rock to dine in the Satisfaction Buffet every Wednesdays and Fridays, it will cost you less than $10. Check the time before you dine because if it's after 6PM on a Friday, they will charge you $20+/person. Make sure that you have your Hard Rock card and if you have no card, get it at the service counter. It is really worth it.,

Tax Season

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes:

Tax season is so crazy for our family. My husband is an accountant and has to do taxes for all of his clients. It's not like he can get started early, he can't start any of their taxes until January 31st. His work hours double during tax season. We always get a nice paycheck at the end of the season though, so I put up with it. It isn't like I really have a choice though! I am thinking this year I am going to treat myself to a little vacation when we get that extra paycheck. I may even upgrade out TV service to All of my friends have satellite TV and I feel out of the loop when they are talking about all the shows that they watch. I will look forward to these little treats when I am exhausted after putting two kids to bed after spending all day with them and my husband is still at work. Although, the way things are now he is really lucky to have a job.

Fruit Drinks in Seconds Using the Magic Bullet

For easy drinks and meal fixes, I used Magic Bullet. If you are a busy mom, Magic Bullet is very convenient to use. You can check this item in the local superstore in your area. No tears when you chop the onions, fruit drinks will be fixed in seconds and more. Just get one today!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Satisfaction Buffet at HardRock Biloxi

Dining is one of the things that hubby and I enjoyed doing when we were in Biloxi Mississippi. Hard Rock Biloxi became our favorite place every Wednesdays and Fridays for they offer 50% off price in the Satisfaction Buffet. For less than $20, two persons will enjoy a hearty meal in a wide selections of food.I usually dig in to the bakery area before I eat my main course. Weird? LOL! Here's the key lime pie which I had the last time then, I made my way to the Asian and salad counters. I am drooling right now by just thinking about it.

Waiting for the Final Response

After our short Mardi Gras vacation in Mississippi, we received a call coming from our Real Estate agent. We have been waiting for the response from the bank about the house we bid. It's a bank-owned property and they demand a higher price this time. We did our counter offer and we are hoping for the best that they will accept it.

We do not need a Real Estate Lawyer at this time because this property that we bid is not that much. But, if you plan to buy a property for business purposes then, you might as well hire a lawyer to handle all the legalities and processing to protect you and your assets. If you live in Canada, check out the barrie lawyers, a law firm that can help you when you need any type of lawyer. Since 1871, this law firm is in the business serving the Simcoe County offering a legal service. Just visit this company if you are in need of experienced lawyers. If you are in need of business lawyers, employment lawyers, family lawyers and more, just visit the link.

Anyway, we just want to hear the final response of the bank regarding our bid. We demanded three days for them to respond to our counter-offer and if they don't accept our bid then, we are ready to find another property and just let it go. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that our firm decision will have a positive response.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mc Cafe Hot Chocolate at Mc Donalds

How was your night everyone? Did you have a good sleep after watching the NBA All Star Game or the Oscars? I did not bother to go downtown and watch the NBA stars because I know for sure that crowd will be nasty later on. There was indeed a fight after the game. Anyway, I had a wonderful time watching the OSCARS on TV. I bet you did too. Let's talk about food and drinks now. While we were in Mississippi, hubby and I have our favorite McDonalds location, it's in 1323 Bienville Blvd Ocean Springs, MS 39564. It was a chilly morning so I ordered the Mc cafe Hot Chocolate. I love the creaminess and the aroma of the cocoa, just makes me relax.Here's hubby buying his Mc Cafe coffee. The lady at the counter is a Filipino, I think :-) Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

King Cakes at Rouses

This is a Louisiana-style King Cake with lemon and cream cheese filling topped with colorful sugary icing. King cakes are part of the tradition for Mardi Gras celebration. We bought this particular king cake at Rouses, our favorite supermarket in Ocean Springs Mississippi.We went to Mississippi last week for Mardi Gras. Did you know that ISLE Hotel and Casino sponsored our stay for three nights and all FREE? Oh, Hubby and I had a wonderful time in the cozy hotel. We saw our family and friends out there and we really enjoyed watching the parade, caught some beads too.Oh, see the little baby at the middle of the cake? It's a trinket which represents Baby Jesus. Actually, King Cake takes its name from the Three Kings.Here's one picture that I took during the D'Iberville Mardi Gras parade. If you want to see more pictures of Mardi Gras Parade, check my other blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Back Ribs at Ruby Tuesday

Who wants babyback ribs? Not this season huh? For Catholics, we should at least give-up meat (food abstinence) and observe fasting as spiritual discipline. Last Thursday, I ordered this menu when hubby and I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday at Marianna Florida. We drove 7 hours from Orlando and as we were looking for a fine dining restaurant, we saw Ruby Tuesday signage on the highway. It was good and I know I won't be craving for another piece of meat anytime soon. After Easter for sure.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ruby Tuesday at Marianna Florida

I have a $10 coupon from Ruby Tuesday which is actually good for a regular meal but, hubby and I were tired from our 7-hour drive from Orlando. We took our "sweet-time" lunch and hubby ordered a crab cake, shrimp skewer and a jumbo shrimp with sweet potato and fries on the side. It's $17.00 and it's a huge portion. He only ate half of it.I ordered Classic Barbecue Baby-Back Ribs, the half-rack size. Our bill totalled about $30 minus the coupon plus, we gave tips to the server.If you travel towards Mississippi or Florida, check out this location: 2171 POST OAK LANE MARIANNA FL 32448 phone number: 850-526-7100. It's a nice location and if you are tired from long hours of driving, there are three nice hotels in the area.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Affordable Healthcare Insurance

The disadvantage of working from home is having to pay the healthcare insurance solely on your own and it's a bit expensive. I got it and I paid high premiums but since I needed it, I have to deal with it until such time that I will go back to work. To avoid financial trouble in hospital bills, we should consider having the health insurance. It is a security blanket and though there are offers for affordable health insurance, we should understand that the discount medical insurance policies that we got are beneficial for us.

The best health insurance quotes vary from each individual. It is always good to pay lower health premiums but, it would also entail lower health benefits. That is why; we need to personalize the health insurance that we need. If we visit the doctor regularly, it should include the free doctor's visit, or if you take prescriptions, make sure that your prescriptions are included in the package for free.

The health insurance that we have will be beneficial if it is designed for what we need. If you are diabetic, you should check out if your prescriptions are included because if not, you will be paying your insurance for nothing. This is just one factor that you should consider so, when you plan to switch your health insurance, evaluate what you need and pay the premiums that you can afford.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Italian Restaurant in Orlando: Olive Garden

Though I crave for a Chinese food on Valentine's Day, my husband prefer to dine at Olive Garden in Florida Mall location in Orlando. It's my treat for him. Wives often times neglected the fact that husbands need the gesture of caring too. On Valentines, it will be my treat! Here's the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu, all for him with some love! I ordered from the Classic Recipe menu and I had a Chicken Parmigiana which is a Parmesan-breaded chicken breast, fried&topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese with spaghetti on the side.Hubby ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana, lightly breaded eggplant. It's fried and just like my order, it comes with a spaghetti.Since it comes with a salad or soups, we both ordered our favorite Chicken Gnocchi, a creamy soup made with a roasted chicken, dumplings and spinach. Food is great! Servers in this restaurant are always awesome! Would I recommend this restaurant? Of course. You should check out this address:
1555 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809
T: (407) 851-0344 F: (407) 851-2866
Trey Hamm, General Manager

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blackberry Lemonade at Ruby Tuesday

We traveled to Mississippi on a Thursday at dawn time. We made few stops and after traveling for 8 hours, hubby and I decided to eat a good lunch at Ruby Tuesday along Post Oak Lane at Marianna, Florida. Oh yes! After 8 hours of driving, we're still in Florida.I ordered Blackberry lemonade which is a sparkling sips of Ruby Tuesday. It has chunks of berries in it but, it was a little bit strong to my taste. I usually ordered something which is out of my comfort zone. It was good and I enjoyed this lemonade even though I drank only half of it.

Olive Garden Chocolate and Mint Candy

Grazie! This is an Italian word expressing gratitude. At the end of a hearty meal, Olive Garden gives out chocolate and mint candies to the customers. It is their way of saying "Thank You" for patronizing their restaurant.
My hubby loves the taste of this candy. It's minty and soothing! He eats all of these every time and left me with nothing, LOL!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


How was your Valentine's day everyone? Did you received flowers and chocolates? I bet most of you did! Well, I don't have any but, it was alright. I treat my husband for lunch instead and we went to Olive Garden. Since we had no plans for the day, we decided to go to Disney World. We parked at Magic Kingdom and we just play it by ears from there. We saw a Disney bus that could bring us to Hollywood Studious so, we rode the bus out of curiosity. We went to Star Wars and rode in the Simulator attraction that gave me a headache. I told hubby to buy me anything that's sweet and cold so, I got a Popsicle.
I felt fine after... weird huh?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Garden Cafe' and Great Outdoor a Freestyle Dining at Norwegian Sky Cruise Line

Looks like a Filipino food right? Well, I have no doubt that the cook in the Garden Cafe' and Great Outdoor restaurant is a Filipino. NCL company has 13 cruise ships and I happen to experienced cruising the Norwegian Sky. There are 80% of the Norwegian Sky crews came from the Philippines. I heard positive feedback about them in terms of workmanship.Anyway, our room attendant was an Indian and she was polite and courteous.A bar tender in the Great Outdoor gave me a terrible service. When he saw me approaching for my drinks refill, he made me wait. I thought he had important things to finish on his cash register. A man sat beside me and the bar tender started to entertain him and pretend not to see me. My husband observed that incident. Anyway, after the man left I asked the bar tender to refill my mug and he was sarcastic when he told me to open the lid of my mug. I was not satisfied with his service and he saw me holding my $5 and put it back in my wallet. The next day, he was so good to me and asked me where I came from. He was a Filipino, too bad huh?This restaurant is a buffet dining and the guests can occupy any seats they want and anywhere they like. Unlike the other cruise line, guests have a sitting arrangement all throughout the cruise duration. Not in a Free style cruising! Guests here can eat any time they want and they can order a room service for FREE of charge.The ship is huge, clean and most of the crews gave an excellent service to us. I would definitely recommend the Norwegian Sky. If you are planning to cruise to Bahamas, check out the Norwegian Cruise Line. I would love to do cruising again. I am thinking on husband's birthday perhaps? Now, I'm thinking...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crab Soup

I am hungry and I miss this crab soup. I have been blogging since wee hour in the morning and I am so hungry right now. Time to take a break and head to our destination. Might go out for early dinner somewhere. See yah later folks. Thanks for stopping by. Oh you are looking for a recipe? I recommend that you visit He is awesome!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breakfast at the Freestyle Dining of Norweigian Sky

At 6 AM, my husband and I are already awake. All he could think was coffee so, we went to the Great Outdoor and Garden Cafe' on the 11th deck of Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship. We had 4-days cruising to Bahamas hopping to three islands of Freeport, Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay which is the Private Island of NCL From the moment we stepped on board, the party begins.We went directly to the Garden Cafe' for lunch. The first two pictures were taken at the Crossings, one of the fine dining areas in Norwegian Sky.This is the view of the poolside on the 11th deck. I bought a Bahama Mama and some souvenir items from the ship.This is the Garden Cafe' early in the morning.I actually eat breakfast early so, by 7:00 AM , I'm done eating. You should try the fine dining experience.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Long John Silvers and Taco Bell

We went to BJ's the other day and did our grocery. On our way home, we stopped by at Long John Silvers and grab me a fish and fries meal while hubby chose the crunchy tacos. I am not crazy with hush puppies but at Long John's, I can eat few of these. I only eat the cod fish , it taste alright but, the fish meat is lost with the thick batter, LOL. Anyway, my husband loves the tacos. I did order one soft taco for me, it taste good. Once in a while, we came here if we crave for whitefish fillet.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Olive Garden at the Millenia Mall

I was craving for delicious Italian food and since we are nearby Millenia Mall, we went towards Olive Garden. I ordered a Smoked Mozzarella Chicken, garden fresh salad and blueberry fresca.My husbands' favorite is Eggplant Parm and some soups.When we were in Mississippi, there was no Olive Garden in the city where we live. It was damaged and washed out during the Hurricane Katrina. When we crave for Olive Garden food, we had to drive down Alabama but, here in Orlando, Olive Garden is just everywhere.This is my favorite soup, Chicken & Gnocchi which is creamy with roasted chicken and Italian dumplings with spinach.I always order Blueberry Fresca but in each location, I noticed it didn't taste the same. It really depends on who made it.
I like this better than orange juice, the latter juice tastes sour.This is Zuppa Toscana soup which is a Spicy sausage, russet potatoes and cavolo greens in a creamy broth soooo yummy.
Before we went home, I bought this Italian salad dressing. It is really good and I use it for my salad at home.
Another photo of my drinks hehehehe....obsessed!Here's hubby's Eggplant Parmigiana plate,and a bottle of Olive Garden salad dressing...still obsessed LOL.Thanks for stopping by and see yah next week.


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